The photo that couldn't have been taken (cont.)

  • The footprints in the moon dust in the reflection all go the same direction while the footprints in the foreground go in different directions.

Even with a high resolution photograph it is difficult to really discern enough detail in the reflection to make out with certaintly which direction various bootprints.
The few that we can make out in the reflection seem to be consistent with the bootprints in the foreground and are going in a number of directions.

  • The buttons on the top of the PLSS remote control (which also doubles as a camera mount) on the front of the suit are not reflected in the visor.

Looking at a high resolution copy of the photograph it is see that the buttons are reflected in the visor.
Since we can't see the top of the PLSS remote from the front, I've inset a photograph of the top of the actual remote
and matched the buttons to the reflection.
Again, when examining photographs it is imperative that the highest resolution available for that photograph be used.

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