The photo that couldn't have been taken (cont.)

  • In the reflection on the visor the Solar Wind Collector appears transparent.

The Solar Wind Collector (SWC) is a thin reflective sheet hung from a horizontal bar mounted on one side of a pole. The top of the SWC is attached to the bar and then the pole goes through another horizontal bar at middle of the bottom of the SWC making it hang at a slight angle and allowing the middle of the SWC to twist.
This detail from AS11-40-5916 shows the reflective "sun" side of the SWC which is oriented towards the sun.
This draping and twisting causes portions of the SWC to catch and reflect sunlight from different angles causing areas to appear lighter or darker along its surface.
Looking at the SWC in the reflection in the visor
we can see that it exhibits the same properties as the top and bottom of the SWC, where it is held in place with the horizontal bars, is catching and reflecting more light than the middle causing the middle to appear darker.
Portions of the SWC are not transparent, just lit differently.

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