WMV custom profiles for YouTube High Quality and HD

Right-click the links and choose "save as..." to download the profiles.
NTSC profiles - for US/Japan
4x3 NTSC 640x480 2000Kb/s
4x3 NTSC high bitrate 640x480 5000Kb/s
16x9 NTSC 854x480 2000Kb/s
16x9 NTSC high bitrate 854x480 5000Kb/s
16x9 HD high bitrate 1280x720 30fps 7000Kb/s

PAL profiles - for Europe
4x3 PAL 768x576 2000Kb/s
4x3 PAL high bitrate 768x576 5000Kb/s
16x9 PAL 1024x576 2000Kb/s
16x9 PAL 1024x576 high bitrate 5000Kb/s
16x9 HD high bitrate 1280x720 25fps7000Kb/s

HD 24p source
HD 24fps 7000Kb/s

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For instructions on installing and using the profiles for Windows Movie Maker click here.
What? My profiles not good enough? Create your own! It's pretty easy. For additional resources and utilities click here.

If you use Camtasia and want to use these custom encoder profiles to output your Camtasia screen recordings, here is a little tutorial that shows you how.