The lunar rover has a broken battery.

A photo from an Apollo 17 70mm Hassleblad camera of the lunar rover supposedly shows that the battery on the front of the rover is badly damaged.
Closer inspection of a higher resolution photo shows that the battery isn't damaged but rather just in the shadow of the camera mount to the left of the battery.
Enlarging that area and increasing the brightness of the image reveals that the surface of the battery is not broken.
One can clearly see the left edge of the battery continues towards the front and you can also see the white space between the individual solar panel cells continue unbroken from the back to front and left to right of the flat surface of the battery (Marked with the red arrows)

There is further proof that the battery is not broken as you can see the cables above the battery reflected in its shiny unbroken surface.
Identifiable corresponding points are marked with double-headed arrows. If the top of the battery was badly damaged these reflections could not exist as the surface wouldn't exist on which to provide a reflection.

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